Huntsville, AL City Profile

Looking to make Huntville, Alabama, your home?

Image result for huntsville al parksIf you find that your residential needs are leading you to Huntsville, check out our article which will help you decide if buying a home in Huntsville is right for you and your family.

The Land and Climate

As of 2017, Huntsville has about 195,000 residents and has been growing in recent decades. Located in Northern Alabama, Huntsville can expect temperatures to be comfortable for most of the year, with highs ranging between 50 and 90 degrees.

How Much Does it Cost?

Huntsville’s cost of living is currently about 8% lower than the rest of the U.S, making it slightly cheaper on average to purchase a home.

Home prices in Huntsville in recent years have ranged from:

  • Mobile homes cost roughly $73,000
  • For detached homes, prices average $227,000
  • Townhouses have ranged from $59,000 to $134,000 in recent years
  • Overall, median home prices are about $153,000 in Huntsville.

Buying a home in Huntsville will earn you an investment that appreciates by 8.3% each year, offering good resale value. Don’t forget to drop our real estate agent a line if you’re looking into buying a home in Huntsville.


Huntsville enjoys a strong economy with positive job growth of 3.6% Unemployment is slightly lower than the national average, at 3.7%. Huntsville is well-known for its involvement in research and technology and is known as the “Space Capital” of the U.S.  The most common industries in Huntsville include science and technology, health care, food services, and education. Commuters enjoy, on average, a 19-minute commute versus the national average, which is 26 minutes.


Notable Employers:


Huntsville offers a myriad of educational opportunities nearby.

Huntsville is also home to ten public high schools and the same number of private high schools, as well as dozens of public and private elementary and junior high schools. The Huntsville-Madison Public Library is home to over half a million print books as well as tens of thousands of ebooks. Patrons can also access tens of thousands of audio recordings and nearly a hundred local and state databases.


Huntsville is known as the “Space Capital of America” and offers many entertaining opportunities to learn about technology and space.

If you’re looking into moving to Huntsville, Alabama, don’t hesitate to contact Hobert Pruitt for all your real estate and residential needs.