Is a Termite Bond Important?

September 19, 2017


We do have Termites in Decatur, AL and all over the south. Someone said a long time ago, at a closing; we have 2 kinds of houses in Alabama, the ones that have termites and the ones that are going to have termites. I never forgot those words and kept our Termite Bond renewed every year, and despite the bond we did have termites.

What is involved in getting a termite bond when buying a home in Decatur, AL? Simply call a Termite Company and pay the annual fee.  Then schedule an appointment for them to inspect your house.

This is an important issue because I have seen the damage termites can do in a very short time. So remember, to protect your home get and keep a termite bond active.

Termites swarm in the spring in Decatur, AL and you may see them fly or see small mud tubes from the ground up and this is how they move behind your walls. Sometimes you can touch a wall and it disintegrates because termites consumed what’s behind it. Termites like moisture so moisture control is important. The wood they eat needs to be moist to eat it.

Someone called and said I think we have termites flying around our house. We sent a Termite Company out to the house to evaluate. There were active termites coming through the walls. This house will need to be treated and that creates a Termite Bond for 1 year. To continue the bond the owner will have to pay a set renewal fee. The Termite Company will come out and inspect the house again at that time next year. If they find active termites or damage they will take care of it since the house is under bond. Even with a slab foundation you can have termites. Concrete cracks and moisture will get in and allowing insects to come through.

If you sell your house and it goes under contract a buyer will order a termite inspection for a termite Letter within 10 business days. If the inspector finds termite damage and there is no bond on the house a termite company has to come out and treat the house against termites and that will create a Bond. If there is damage that requires repairs then that is a separate issue to be addressed by the seller. It is wise to renew the termite bond annually. It gives peace of mind to a buyer.

Think about it as Insurance rather than a Bond and perhaps this will help you to remember to keep the Bond active. Renewing it annually and have the house inspected every year is part of the renewal fee.

A Termite Bond in Decatur, AL protects you against termite damage. There are different bonds and you have to read the material or ask questions. There are different levels of coverage and some are transferable if you sell your home while others are not. I would choose a transferable bond to make the buyer feel comfortable. Otherwise they have to pay for a new treatment and that is costly. So please always check what the bond covers and if it is transferable.

Over the years there have been many sellers that had to pay for the repair of termite damage as well as the treatment. So it is also peace of mind for a home seller.

Different companies offer different treatments and programs.  So do your research and see what you like best to protect your home. You are also welcome to contact us for any recommendations.